Silver Safety Update

Silver Safety Update


Safety Update

Silver Safety Updates

Silver New American Brasserie installed a unique Veteran LED customized interior air filtration and purification system to make dining indoors as close you can come to outdoor dining. This is the first time this comprehensive and customized system has been used in restaurants.

 What are we doing to make the diner as safe as possible?

  1. 3-Level, hospital-grade Air Purification system to clean the building:
  • Ultraviolet light in the air conditioners to disinfect air moving through the diner
  • Air purifiers through the dining room
  • Ultraviolet light fixtures to clean surfaces overnight
  1. Glass panels between booths
  2. Applying  Antimicrobial Barrier Treatment to all tabletops, seats, counters and high touch surfaces (Clearspace)
  • This kills viruses for up to 90 days
  1. Disinfecting and Sanitizing all high touch surfaces after each use
  2. Sanitizing menus after each use.
  • Contactless menus are also available via a QR code
  1. Implemented Social Distance dining and service practices          
  2. Requiring all Staff and Guests to wear masks when entering our buildings
  3. Requiring Daily Wellness Checks of all Staff


How does the new system kill viruses, including COVID-19?

Hospitals and medical facilities have been using Ultraviolet light to disinfect operating rooms for years because it kills viruses like COVID. Our system treats both air and surfaces.


  • Ultraviolet light system treats all air going through the air conditioning system 24/7
  • Overnight: Ultraviolet lights will treat air and surfaces in the diner
  • Air purifier treats air throughout the day as it enters the building


  • ClearSpace kills any viruses that touch tabletops, seats, door handles etc.
  • Overnight: lights treat air and surfaces in the diner.
  • Frequent disinfecting and sanitizing of high touch surfaces

What percentage of the virus does it kill?

Ultraviolet light kills 99.9% of the pathogens it encounters. While we cannot say that it is 100% effective, it is a hospital grade treatment and extremely effective.

 Isn’t UV light dangerous to people?

UV-C lighting is harmful when people are directly exposed over a long period of time. Our lighting is installed so that people will not be exposed to it.

  • It is installed inside the HVAC system, inside air purifiers and in overhead lights that only come on after hours when the restaurant is empty.
  • The overnight lights are on a timer and motion detector that will shut off if anyone moves nearby.


Where will the units be installed?

Multiple locations inside both front and back of house, depending on the store.

 Does this system replace existing safety procedures?

No. All existing safety and cleanliness standards and procedures stay in place.  The new systems are being installed in to make existing procedures even more effective.


What is Antimicrobial Barrier Treatment?

Antimicrobial Barrier Treatments (Clear Space) kill the microorganisms on the surface and continues protecting surfaces for 90 days against future contamination. It is not affected or diminished by other cleaning processes during that time. It is applied by spray onto all surfaces and works on wood, metal, vinyl, and plastic; basically all surfaces in the diner. We also apply it in the restrooms.

How is the product used?

The product is wiped onto hard surfaces and either wiped or sprayed onto fabrics. Product dries in 2-3 minutes.

 Does sanitizing/disinfecting of the space stop ClearSpace from working?

No.  ClearSpace can be applied either before or after the cleaning process.

What is the effectiveness of ClearSpace vs. bleach products (Lysol, Clorox, etc.)?

Bleach products kill viruses. However, they only work for a matter of seconds after they are used. Bleach will also damage certain surfaces, especially fabrics. The benefits of ClearSpace will last for up to 90 days

Is it safe to use ClearSpace in a restaurant?

The product is safe for food preparation, serving surfaces, and is used in hospitals as well as other public areas. It is registered with the EPA and FDA.

How does ClearSpace compare with other anti-microbial products in the market?

Many products being marketed are NOT for viruses. ClearSpace has been proven to work on viruses including flus and COVID-19.

Where do we apply it?

ClearSpace is used in the following areas in the diner:

  • Booth seats, chairs, and stools and tabletops
  • Counters- guest counters and stainless counters
  • Door Handles and doors            
  • Wood partitions and plexiglass
  • Glass and windowsills
  • Restrooms
  • POS screens

ClearsSpace is not used on dishes, glasses, silverware. If it goes through the dishwasher you do not need to use ClearSpace on it.


How often are surfaces sanitized?

Every 15 minutes, in continuous rotation, we sanitize over 30 areas throughout the restaurant, including all high touch areas in the kitchen, dining room, lobby and restrooms. We also sanitize the tables, booths and menus after every use.


What are daily wellness checks?

As recommended by the CDC we are conducting temperature screenings and daily wellness check-ins of all employees upon arrival and before reporting to work. After completing the daily wellness check-in the associates/managers will be cleared for work or will be directed to go home.


How many people can I have in my party?

Following local guidelines, in Maryland and DC you can have up to 6 persons in your party.  

  Silver requires all guests to wear a mask. What can I do if I can’t wear a mask?

Some Guests fall under the "ADA Exception" rule whereby they are not required to wear masks, however Silver is attempting to follow the full CDC guidelines for the health and safety of all Guests and Associates.  To that end, masks will be required for entrance into any of our restaurants until further notice. We've made accommodations for anyone who is unable to, or chooses to not wear a mask, with our delivery or curbside pickup through  We're all looking forward to the day that masks are a thing of the past, but until then, we hope that you will give us the opportunity to serve you via one of our mask-free options.